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An independent survey carried out with over 2000 professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry identifies where manufacturers are positioned on the road to implementing serialization.
See what they had to say.

58% of all sites have lines impacted by FMD
(Falsified Medicines Directive) or DSCSA
(Drug Supply Chain Security Act)

All have one line impacted, 10% have more than 15

Nearly half the lines (48%) are yet to be ‘Serialization Ready


75% of lines impacted by legislation see approximately half the product being placed in a carton.

At least 75% of lines impacted by serialization require product to be bundle wrapped for aggregation.

For 66% of the lines that are not ‘Serialization Ready’…


66% of the lines that are not ‘Serialization Ready’ no action is planned for the next 12 months!

69% will be looking for a standard serialization approach across all lines

60% of responders will acquire their Serialization Printer direct from the printer manufacturer, another 26% will get theirs from a Serialization integrator

77% of Pharma Manufacturers likely to
recommend Videojet

Videojet coding and marking technology

Perhaps to a greater degree than other industries, pharmaceutical and medical device packaging demands the highest quality variable coding.

Legibility and contrast are non-negotiable when it comes to regulatory and traceability codes and high read-rate bar codes.

In addition to a broad range of serialisation ready coding solutions, Videojet can provide IQ/OQ validation packages and printers that facilitate adherence to 21CFR Part II technical controls to help meet your documentation needs.

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